Vietnamese Handicrafts

For those looking to do some shopping during their holiday, Vietnam is an absolute delight. Over centuries, the local population has cultivated an exquisite array of handicraft traditions, which have become an important part of Vietnamese cultural heritage.

In many artisan families, techniques such as painting, weaving, silk-making, and lacquerware-production have been passed down from one generation to the next. Many craftspeople operate workshops, studios and galleries from inside their homes. This allows guests the unique opportunity for a personal look into the process of creating handicrafts.

Shopping for Handicrafts in Vietnam

Whether you are looking to purchase fun items to bring back to loved ones, or hoping to add some Vietnamese style when decorating your home or office, shopping in Vietnam can be an educational and satisfying experience for all travelers.

For your convenience, Asia Highlights suggests that you look for the following handicrafts when shopping in Vietnam. Remember to bargain hard!

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